Big Elephant Fritz & the Tiny Ants

Children's story author, Nayera Salam and illusrator Bina Damodar have teamed up to bring you Big Elephant Friz & the Tiny Ants! The tiny ants defeat big elephant Fritz’s threat when they decide to take action and fight for their right!  In this rhyming fantasy, the tiny ants unite and defend their colony’s mound.  They earn the respect of all the jungle animals even though they are the smallest creatures around. From beginning to end, children and adults will be intrigued by the book's message, the enchanting creatures, and the vivid imagery.

Book's message: Stand up for your rights, no matter how small you are!


"The story of Big Elephant Fritz and The Tiny Ants is a clever tale that will teach children about courage, determination, and teamwork. The use of descriptive language stimulates vocabulary-building while impressing upon young readers that they have the power to overcome opposition which might seem to be overwhelming if they follow a well-planned course of action," Marsetta Ray - Business Owner, DocuTrain Solutions, Inc.

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